Biden’s Going to Kill Oil Deliveries from OPEC+ Entirely


Biden has a new strategy to alienate the Saudis and guarantee we can’t get oil from them. He is doubling down on threats to OPEC+ as China and Russia are ingratiating themselves with the Arabs.

Axios reports:

With a new warning that the White House might support legislation targeting OPEC+ in Congress, Biden crossed a symbolic threshold — and sent a clear signal to the Saudis that he’s prepared to escalate.

      • For some Democrats, he needs to go further: “President Biden … should call the King himself,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) told Axios. “He should say you have five days to reverse your decision. If not, I am going to work with Congress to pass a ban on supplying air parts to your Air Force.
      • “The American people have had enough. We will not be bullied by a third-rate power that is committing human rights atrocities.”
Prepare for shortages this winter.

Instead of backing off, he said he would support bipartisan legislation — so-called NOPEC — that would make the oil-producing cartel legally liable for any price collusion.

Biden’s also threatening them with a revenge nuclear deal with Iran that will put more oil on the market. That’s why OPEC+ is angry with him, to begin with.

Additionally, Biden thinks he can get oil from Venezuela.


We were once independent of rogue nations, and now he’s making us dependent on them again.

Joe Biden is draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to keep gas prices low to avoid retaliation in November for the election. He decided to drain an additional 10 million barrels within hours of OPEC cutting back production by 2 million barrels daily.

That move by Saudi Arabia will drive up costs. The cost of replacing petroleum will be very high, driving up our $31 trillion debt, now suffering from high-interest rates.

Biden created this disaster because he is a vassal of rogue regimes, especially China. He puts them first every time.

OPEC partly cut production because most Arab nations involved in OPEC are furious with Biden trying to cut a deal with Iran. Biden stopped considering the Houthi terrorists, funded by Iran, to be terrorists, and the Houthis then escalated attacks on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

He has sided with Iran and the Houthis, our worst enemies. Advancing the interests of the terrorist nation of Iran destabilizes the Middle East and puts the USA in greater danger.

As we abandon Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Russia, and China move in.

Biden and the Democrats have done everything they can to alienate Saudi Arabia by relentlessly attacking Mohammad Bin Salman over the reportedly brutal assassination of The Washington Post propagandist and Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi. Then Biden turned around and begged Salman for oil.

The Wall Street Journal reports Biden will ease sanctions on Venezuela, a nation that brutalizes its people so that Chevron can get more oil. Biden is willing to help them raise more money to kill and persecute more Venezuelans. In addition, President Maduro is reportedly releasing prisoners and mentally ill people and telling them to come to the US.

Biden should open up US production, but he won’t. He’s building back better. He loves the idea of destroying fossil fuels. It’s driving up prices and making us dependent on rogue nations that inflict terror on their citizens and the world.

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