Lindsey Graham Threatens Elon Musk After He Suggests Peace


Lindsey Graham threatened Elon Musk after he recommended a peace plan. The threat came during a brief Twitter exchange.


In an article at The Liberty Daily, J.D. Rucker pointed to an exchange between Elon Musk and Lindsey Graham over Musk’s suggested peace plan.


Lindsey Graham didn’t like Musk even suggesting peace or diplomacy so he threatened Musk with stripping Tesla of tax credits. That is an abuse of power, isn’t it?

Perhaps Musk’s plan isn’t the right one, but he has done a service using his megaphone to encourage diplomacy. Graham, like so many, harshly criticized Musk. He went through the usual talking points. This is the part Americans need to see via J.D. Rucker:

To recap, Graham invoked the Budapest Memorandum, demanded the will of the people of Ukraine be met, and threatened to strip Tesla of tax credits. All in a warmonger’s day’s work. Musk responded:

Assuming you believe that the will of the people matters, we should, in any given conflict region, support the will of those who live there. Most of Ukraine unequivocally wants to be part of Ukraine, but some eastern portions have Russian majorities and prefer Russia.

Below is the electoral map of 2012. Blue is the pro-Russia party.

Twitter has Birdwatch on the tweet, saying this changed after the 2014 Maiden Revolution and the 2022 invasion. That may be so or not but since the people have been silenced and opposition parties are banned, it’s hard to know what they think.

Since the war began and since the 2014 Maiden Revolution, Ukrainian President Zelensky has taken a number of actions that are unnecessarily divisive. For instance, he banned the Russian language in public events. About 40% of Eastern Ukrainians speak Russian. There was no need to divide them along these lines. He hasn’t united his people and two of the regions broke away before the Russian invasion.

Biden and the warmongers push divisiveness instead of trying to bring people together. It’s not working. Graham threatens innocent people.

Lindsey Graham has pushed for war and toppling regimes since he became a senator.

This exchange back when John Boehner was Speaker might give you a clue as to who Lindsey is and who he represents.

George Beebe warns, “Elon Musk is right that if things in Ukraine continue along their present course, the US are Russia are headed toward a collision that could have catastrophic consequences for all parties to the conflict and for the world.”

Beebe writes at Statecraft:

But Musk is right that if things in Ukraine continue along their present course, the United States and Russia are headed toward a collision that could have catastrophic consequences for all parties to the conflict and for the world. And he is right that America’s approach to this mounting problem requires an urgent adjustment.

Musk appears to grasp what the Biden administration does not: that Putin is not following the script we have written for him in Ukraine. That script involves a calculation of costs and benefits that will lead him to back away from a confrontation with the United States and NATO that he cannot win. When we make those costs plain, we reason, he will realize that they far outweigh any potential benefits of aggression for him and for Russia.

The recent 20 kilometer advancement by Ukraine failed, but that is ignored by the media. After the media made a small incursion through Russian lines sound like President Zelensky’s forces were winning, they didn’t bother to tell people it was unsuccessful. The counter-offensive failed so Biden doubled down as he has continually done since the war began. No efforts toward diplomacy have been made.

Russians have grave concerns about having NATO on their borders. They see the US as an existential threat. The US does nothing to dispel that fear as they now entertain Poland hosting nuclear weapons.

Putin has a deep concern and he has told us that, but no one will listen or respond to those concerns. It is why all efforts fail and why they feel the need to rely on nuclear weapons if necessary.

Musk provided Ukraine with Starlink when they needed it and is calling for diplomacy now because they need it. Their people are dying unnecessarily

The US needs to get back to communicating instead of ramping up the war. We know that the US has had boots on the ground since the war began and before. General Petraeus just admitted the UK has boots on the ground. This is very dangerous and now the Biden administration wants to make Taiwan a weapons depot.

Ukraine is another war for the US to lose as sanctions deprive us of all we need to survive. As our borders lay open to invasion, we poorly protect Ukraine’s.

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