Biden’s going to lift sanctions on Iran as they fund terror


During an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News, Anthony Blinken said President Biden is working to lift sanctions on Iran even though Iran funds terror. They just backed Hamas as they attacked Israel.

“You know, George, Iran is engaged in a number of activities including funding extremist groups, supporting terrorism more broadly, supporting very dangerous proxies that are taking destabilizing actions throughout the Middle East, proliferating weapons, and two things on that.

‘One, an Iran with a nuclear weapon or with the capability to build one in very short order is going to act with even greater impunity in those areas, which just adds to the urgency of trying to put the nuclear problem back in the box that the nuclear box put it in, and of course, many of these actions are going forward now while the, you know, and have gone forward over the last few years under the so-called maximum pressure being exerted by the — by the previous administration and clearly did not get the result we all seek which is to curb all these activities, but the first thing we need to do is put the nuclear problem back in the box and see if Iran will come back into compliance with the JCPOA. That’s what we’re engaged in, and use that as a platform to build on and deal with these other issues.”

The pressure, which was not at max, was working as were the Abraham Accords but Biden ended that.

Iran is behind Hamas attacking Israel with over 4,000 rockets. In fact, that has to be where Hamas got the rockets. Hamas has no ability to make 4,000 rockets but Iran does.

Iran is behind the terror in several countries.


Thanks to Iran, a dozen Israelis have died and who knows how many Gazans. It is Iran’s fault. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s top aide discussed it with Chris Wallace on  Fox News Sunday.

“Well, as you just said, after that round of fighting in 2014 we did receive over half a decade of relative peace and quiet. And so that is possible, and I hope we can do that again. Ultimately, in the operation, we gave Hamas a heavy blow.

“We dismantled a large part of their terrorist military machine. We took out part of their leadership, we hit their command and control. Hopefully, they will think twice, even three times before they strike at Israel again.

“Chris: There is no question that Hamas started the military conflict firing 4300 rockets into Israel and killing at least a dozen Israelis.”


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