Fauci admits the Wuhan China Virus might not have developed ‘naturally’


Dr. Tony Fauci now says he’s “not convinced” the China Virus originated naturally and is calling for an investigation into its origins.

People were banned, deplatformed, and ridiculed for months for even suggesting this. Senator Tom Cotton was mocked as a conspiracy theorist for asking for an outside investigation.

Fauci is a disgrace.


In a Wall Street Journal report out today, it was revealed that three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers became sick enough in November 2019 that they sought hospital care. That was according to a U.S. intelligence report. It could add to calls for a fuller probe of whether the Covid-19 virus may have escaped from the lab.

That might have Dr. Fauci worried and explain his sudden change of heart.

Other reports have provided evidence that the virus had to have originated in a lab in Wuhan.

In February 2020, researchers at the South China University of Technology found that the likeliest source of the virus was one of the two Wuhan laboratories. They said that the virus probably came from the Horseshoe Bat. The Wuhan Labs were working with coronaviruses and Horseshoe Bats.

In November 2019, and again recently, Dr. Li Meng Yan, who worked in China on these exact viruses with bats said the virus definitely came from the Wuhan lab, and it is owned by the Chinese military. She also said it was released deliberately.

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo said all the evidence he saw pointed to its origins in a Wuhan lab.

Now Dr. Fauci is admitting the virus might have come from a lab. His sudden acceptance of the plausibility of the lab-leak hypothesis makes one wonder if he is trying to keep afloat as the ship goes down.


He is still denying he funded gain-of-function research which Dr. Yan said NIH did partly fund.

There is evidence he lied about that too.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The fraud Fauci insisted just a week ago in the senate that the virus came from nature. One can follow Fauci’s statements and see a clear pattern of deception based on the underlying scheme. His statements vary as the under lying scheme is adjusted. Mr. Magoo could figure it out.

The plotters knew the whole time the virus was synthetic.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Fauci and the Main sewer Stream fake Media are acting as if they ARE agents of the CCP…The MSM have been/are spearheading the psychological warfare division of the bio-weapon…wonder who is doing the “ground work” spreading the actual virus as needed to keep the “lockdowns” going…

Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey
2 years ago

He would know since he paid the “Bat Man” to alter it so that humans could get it.
Have you heard about the scrubbed video from China professor saying we knocked America down for good in 2020?
Just info from web surfing to keep me sane during moon, weather, migraine, transmissions.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

Remember that North Korea promised a Christmas Present in 2019. Was there a North Korean working at Wuhan lab?

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

Hundreds of thousand of people died because of Fauci’s treachery. Rand Paul knew it and exposed Fauci for the fraud that he is. Fauci ought to be put in prison for the rest of his miserable life for genocide!