Biden’s Gradually Forgiving All College Loans With Our Tax $$$


The U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday that it would cancel about $4 billion in the remaining 208,000 federal student loans for borrowers who attended ITT Technical Institute from 2005 until the for-profit college chain dissolved in 2016.

Any excuse to give college welfare will do. No one is responsible for anything they do.

Officials said the debt forgiveness comes after the department reviewed extensive internal records, testimony from ITT managers and recruiters, and first-hand accounts from borrowers allegedly defrauded by the quality of the institute’s programs reports Daily Wire.

According to NBC, the Education Department said the Biden administration has now canceled $32 billion in loans for students “whose institutions took advantage of them,” as well as for public service workers and disabled students.

it’s a shameless bote-buying scheme.

Biden is incrementally canceling all college loans. We all had to pay for college or had to pay for our children’s college, but Biden is fine with us paying for potential deadbeats taking a degree in puppetry.

Joe Biden is a fool who does whatever he’s told by the people behind the curtain, but I have to tell you he was always a lying, segregationist, nasty creep. Sorry, but that’s an accurate description. He’s the perfect foil for the Marxists transforming the nation into a statist hellhole.

To top all this off, none of this will fix the problem of exorbitant college costs.

He’s not done. The moratorium he unilaterally leveled ends on August 31st, and he will do something socialistic. And it’s for an education that is socialist government controlled.


The Education Department has provided about $72 billion in relief on student loan interest alone. About 41 million Americans are benefiting from the federal government’s pause of student loan payments, which has been extended six times – twice by former President Trump and four times by Biden.

But the moratorium is officially slated to end on Aug. 31, meaning millions of borrowers will need to start making payments on their loans. With just over two weeks until payments resume, Biden has not signaled whether he plans to delay the payment freeze any further.

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