Planeloads of Illegals Come in the Dead of Night


Mark Levin began his radio show this evening by quoting Ben Shapiro saying we can’t survive as a nation with one-third of the nation supporting the other two-thirds as socialists. True and we won’t if needy and criminal illegal aliens keep flooding into the country

We are importing hundreds of thousands of needy people to feed the new socialist USA.

Levin made note of the report that planeloads of illegal alien youth and 20-somethings are being flown into New York in the dead of night, between midnight and 6:30 am.

They are sending them into the Red states like Florida and into suburbs. This has gone on since at least August.

They fly into Westchester, New York, Danbury, Connecticut, and other airports, and are met by buses. It’s highly organized. They are brought to New Jersey, a residential home on Long Island, and elsewhere. The planes come from Texas.

This is going on all over the country, and the children are pawns

During July and August, nearly 40,000 unaccompanied minors arrived illegally in the US. Another 45,000 minors are unaccounted for and those are the children probably lost to sex trafficking.

We are given no information about how many of these illegals there are, who they are, and where they go.

This isn’t about compassion. It’s a cynical political move. They are putting them in suburbs to affect the future vote.

Go to 56 minutes:

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