Biden’s “Green New Steal” Will Swallow up Those $600 & $1,400 “Stimulus” Checks


If you’ve been watching the sharp climb in crude oil over the past six weeks, you’re not surprised gas prices have jumped as well.  When the cost per barrel soars by 60% to 70%, it’s inevitable drivers will be paying a whole lot more to fill up their cars and trucks.

Around here, it wasn’t that long ago, regular gas was selling for about $2 a gallon. With crude spiking, we’re now up to around $2.80 a gallon and based on what we’ve shared above, likely to go much higher.  Think over $3.

Here’s where we can see Biden’s “Green New Steal”, war on fossil fuels, impacting the budgets of hardworking Americans, especially those counting on much-needed financial help via  $600 or $1,400 stimulus checks.

The math is pretty simple for anyone trying to make ends meet.  U.S. drivers have, on average used roughly 660 gallons per year.  If over the course of a year, someone is paying a buck more per gallon than they did 4 months ago,  they’ll be shelling out approximately $660 extra to make up the difference.  A couple would be paying over $1,300 more to cover that cost.  Those much-needed stimulus dollars will be swallowed up.

And this review doesn’t even allow for the guaranteed uptick in the cost of goods and services that depend on fossil fuel use.

So here’s a word to the wise.  If you’ve been planning on how you’ll be spending that dough you may want to reconsider.  It would seem Hunter’s Father, and his crew of economically ignorant, bubble dwelling D.C. bureaucrats have already spent it for you.

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