Biden’s hard-left amnesty plan will replace Americans, forming a country within a country


Every illegal alien who made it into the country by January 1st will be eligible for amnesty according to Joe Biden’s communistic immigration plan. It is designed to fundamentally transform the country. Biden’s Marxist press secretary said immigration is part of racial equity.

Aliens will be called noncitizens.

Biden has already ended deportations, even of criminals, and will soon order every person released.


The centerpiece of the plan from Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris is the eight-year pathway, which would put millions of qualifying immigrants in a temporary status for five years and then grant them a green card once they meet certain requirements such as a background check and payment of taxes. They would be able to apply for citizenship three years later, The Washington Post reports.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals will immediately be able to apply for a Green Card (a quick path to citizenship).

Farmworkers will get permanent legal residency.

Migrants from disaster-ravaged lands can apply for a Green Card immediately.

That signals the end of Republicans ever winning another election. That is what this is all about. Democrats don’t care about these people. They need them as an underclass and they are using them to replace American workers and Americans in general.

His plan includes making illegal aliens into refugees and asylum seekers.

The Biden handlers also want to reinstate the program allowing Central American minors to come in and receive citizenship (many who came in were gang members). He also wants to allow all the relatives of these residents to come in legally.


Biden’s plan calls for large sums of money to study and finance the dictators in the countries sending the aliens. It’s allegedly to study the causes of illegal immigration, but the biggest cause is Democrat policies offering free healthcare, social security, jobs, housing, food, and so on.

As for security, there will be no wall. Walls only work in D.C. They will put in some equipment, but they aren’t talking about more agents.

The plan increases key employment- and family-based visas and gives the visas to their families. This is a path to citizenship. There really won’t be any visa limits.

Doctoral graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields also are exempted from visa limits.

He plans to open up legal immigration, especially of Muslims.

It’s fully open borders.

If the legislation fails, they will likely move to Executive Actions.


This is a plan to replace Americans (of all races and creeds), ensure a permanent Democrat electoral majority, and it will flood the country with criminals and needy people. It’s a recipe for financial disaster in a country on the brink.

Back in 2015, a radio host was inadvertently allowed to listen in on a phone conversation with White House staff. They discussed a country within a country and replacing Americans with foreigners. It might have come to pass.

When you combine all this with the current demonization of white people and the favoring of minorities, one might assume it’s happening.




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Eileen Kuch
Eileen Kuch
3 years ago

This country’s going to break apart anyway, as Red states secede from the Union – starting with Texas. It’s these Red states that’ll keep the invaders out .. The Blue states will be the ones that’ll open their arms to the invaders.

3 years ago

Follow the clues Kamala never convicted pedos or traffickers. Nobody wanted her as president she has weaseled her way into power by making a deal at our expense. They know damned well that gangs and cartels are running human slavery in the americas so they keep creating ways to make it easier for them. They have taken over south america and they have been bragging about being in control being fully armed and ready then come take over here. The black gangs deal with the cartel but they’re afraid of them because they’re more brutal and bloodthirsty. The entire world had the same problems everyone is claiming racial and religious issues but the clear facts are the only supremacists are criminals and they’re capitalizing off our pain and ignorance. We can only fix these problems by taking down all criminals top to bottom no mercy.

Hazelnut Heavy Cream Delight
Hazelnut Heavy Cream Delight
3 years ago

Qualifying? We don’t need no stinking qualifying.
Cue the GOP prattling on about a republican just waiting to emerge from the best and brightest those socialist utopias have to offer.
How about the people who voted for Biden can pay the way for their comrades.
I know but dreams are free.