Biden’s hiding while terrorists seize Kabul with thousands not evacuated


Thousands are trying to escape Afghanistan. Biden and his generals did nothing to get them out in time.

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani took a private plane out of Afghanistan to nearby Tajikistan. The President of the United States is hiding, not in his basement, but at Camp David. He is taking a four-day lid. This way, he can pretend he is not involved in this catastrophic flight from Kabul.

Anyone with eyes can see the Taliban were racing to Kabul yet there was no plan. Our $700 million Embassy is not evacuated and thousands of Americans, foreigners, and refugees who helped us are desperately trying to find a way out.

It’s not about the withdrawal that matters. It’s the weak, stupid responses and lack of planning that matters.

While Barack Obama and Donald Trump wanted out of Afghanistan, neither did anything like this. Only the Joe Biden administration did this.

The China-al Qaida-linked terrorists — the Taliban — are in control. As before, they want to kill Americans. They have our equipment, Intel, technology, drones, and Bagram Airbase.

China will head for Afghanistan for their minerals and the power that will bring.

The only way out is the Kabul airport. Some embassy officials are being airlifted to the airport since there is no other way to get out of Kabul. It’s surrounded.

Biden’s military leaders were recently told to flee Bagram in the night and didn’t even bother to tell the Afghans whose leader was not at the airbase. Of course, it was raided. Shortly thereafter, the Afghans began to flee Bagram when the Taliban approached, murdering everyone in sight as they marched to the base.

The Afghans have surrendered the base to the Taliban with all its technology and equipment in place.

There is no way to get out without Bagram except to be airlifted. All crossings are held by the Taliban.

Why didn’t the Pentagon and the intel community know what was going on, especially since they are so WOKE?

The country that was held with under 3,000 military service members is now gone and will be another al-Qaida hideout.

This puts us in grave danger but we are anyway with all those anonymous, unvetted people from around the world piling in across our open borders.

Joe Biden now wants to negotiate a peace deal with Iran. Are you kidding me? He destroys everything he touches. No thanks.

The world just watched Biden humiliate our military and our country.

Joe Biden should resign immediately. He cannot negotiate anything. Neither can Kamala or Nancy or Chuck. They are all incompetent.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
10 months ago

That’s what he does best hide and lie.

10 months ago

@ Greg,

Peace means the absence of opposition of socialism.

Comrade Karl Marx (Satanist)

10 months ago

Different news outlets are talking about “Peace” in transferring power. Do they know that in Islam, “Peace is the absence of War”. It’s why the West always fails when it seeks “Peace” in an Islamic country, such as with Israel. That is the misunderstanding with the Camp David Accords. Sadat wasn’t making ‘peace’ in the Western sense. Furthermore, when speaking of Justice, that refers to Islamic law and Not Western justice. So when Islam talks of “Peace based on Justice” that means, essentially, No war with Islamic rule. (Dar al-Harb). That speech from Sadat was riddled with the Islamic Creed. He indirectly spoke of his fear that Israel would wipe out all the Arab countries in their efforts to “liberate the occupied territories”. The clue began with, “not on the occupation of the land of others”. He demanded the withdrawal of those lands. When the Sinai was handed over it gave a huge land mass to the Arabs. So the policy began that it takes “land for peace” to satisfy the Arabs. Next on the agenda was the Golan and the so-called West Bank. This was the ultimate goal set forth by Arafat and others. The sliver of land left would be nearly impossible to defend against, and therein lies the conflict to this day.

And the Western Press, and countries, exploded in gleeful praise, not knowing what was really being said. Little did the West realize this was a ‘different’ type of ‘call to arms’. That speech was, itself, a rather vile speech.

Afghanistan doesn’t play much of a part in this, except they concur with those same objectives. Nonetheless, it does give some insight into how Islam generally thinks and believes. There are many Arab countries, including Iran, who support that end goal.

10 months ago

And the battle flag of sin was flying proudly.

“…but the end is not yet.” – Matthew 24:6 (KJV)

10 months ago

Just wondering, did the ambassador leave his pride flag flying?