Biden’s Housing Plan Is Here “For Crying Out Loud”


Biden’s pushing his housing plan on X today. The plan was published as a fact sheet on March 7th. The plan will award a $10,000 subsidy to first-time homebuyers. With interest rates high and a dearth of houses for sale, the only people who will take advantage are those who were going to buy anyway. It’s another giveaway for votes.

What he means is that this is the United States of Illegal immigrants, and we can’t have them living on the street.

He wants Congress to pass a mortgage relief credit. Biden thinks extremely big government is the answer.

POTUS also wants a down payment subsidy for the children of immigrants, not citizens. Biden has the FHA lowering mortgages for his favored constituencies without going through Congress.

Biden is calling for funds for housing expansion and renter subsidies.

With the new $1.2 trillion bill, we will be $35 trillion in debt, and he wants to spend, spend, spend.

Democrats call taxes an “investment.” This will put Americans in more debt, but he can buy votes and pretend America is stronger.

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