Biden’s immediate action to destroy the US financially and politically


Bill O’Reilly reviewed the dire situation we face under Biden’s immigration policy. It’s an economic disaster, but worse than that, we will end up a one-party nation [with Stalinist Democrats in charge — permanently].

So far, about 7000 migrants have gathered in Honduras and Guatemala to go to the border. It is the foreigners coming here illegally who have turned several of our states blue. They will turn Texas blue.

Biden will cancel the agreement with Mexican President Obrador to keep the fake asylum seekers on the Mexican side of the border until their cases are heard. At least, that’s what we believe the secret agreement is.

Biden canceled the deal.  The people from Central America and Mexico itself can come on up to the border. If they get in, they get in. Biden’s asylum policy is open borders until their case is heard, and then they’ll get to stay anyway.

“We’ll have to have a process to ensure everyone’s health and safety, including the safety of asylum seekers hoping for a new start in the United States free of violence and persecution.”

In other words, everyone can come in. Everyone in the world can come into the country, and we get to pay for them. It will bankrupt us.

By the way, this is while COV is raging.

O’Reilly said:

“Come on. That’s basically, hey, come on, everybody in the world, not just in Central America, everybody in the world. Everybody in Hong Kong. Right? Everybody there, if you get here, you come in. Joe Biden. Come on in. Five years from now, maybe, maybe we’ll get to your case, but in the meantime, you can go and do whatever you want in the USA. That’s what he just said. That’s what he just said.

Hopefully free of persecution. Come on in. So, any person in the world can now come into the United States and apply for asylum. That’s number one. Elections have consequences, and for you, 80 million-plus, who voted for Joe Biden, you just voted for chaos. Because when these people come here, and many of them are persecuted, many of them are desperate, almost all of them are poor, the American taxpayer is going to pick it up.

You heard Biden in the debate say I’m going to pay for the health care of all illegal immigrants. The government is going to pay for their health care. As soon as they get here, we’re going to be paying all their health care bills, we’re going to be paying their food stamps, we’re going to be paying their housing, we’re going to be paying everything. That’ll bankrupt the country.”


These are the people coming in. They’re violent men:

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2 years ago

(DISCLAIMER… I’m not a Doctor, Lawyer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, , Counselor, or Indian Chief, but I do have, and know CPR, and basic First-Aid skills.). To Wit: I submit… The fundamental first step that may lead to Suicide, IS ->Mental Depression. Yes’ We all at sometime experience mental depression. Most times depression is short lived, and easily overcome, when we engage self-help, or the help of another, to resolve the mind-sight depression cause. However, when a issue or several issues of our mind-sight, that cause repetitive bouts, that lead to compounded Mental Depression, about issues that we as a individual person, have no power of interceding toward solving the issue, and our outside of mind, ->Other persons help,, cites “You can’t fix it, so just forget it”, adding, “That shouldn’t bother you, it’s not your problem to be concerned with.” That in itself maybe good for all sorts of unfounded depression… HOWEVER, when the issue(s), is/are created by the Executive & Legislative Offices of our Government, in the form of deviations from our Morals, Values and Ethics, that are precisely aberrant and RADICALLY Marxist, and THREATENS the well-being of the citizens of Our REPUBLIC.” The record of those compounded, negative government acts, of which are factually the reverse of the prose and promise of Our Founders & Framers, writings, more precisely cited in “The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of rights, and The Constitution of The United States of America, ( just to name a few of those writings.). are a significant seed, that does create , a logical form or manner of DEPRESSION for every citizen to try to deal with. At this point I must cite that any form of Government IS NOT PERFECT, Except the Government of Our Creator. That said, It is important to note that, “God in Heaven, PROVIDES OUR GOVERNMENT a PATH OF MAKING a U-TURN to REPAIR it’s FAILINGS.” Whereas the record shows, that since -1/21/2021, our government for the first 100 days, has run a marathon race, toward the DESTRUCTION of Our Great Nation. In closing… Think for a moment that “ALL of The ABOVE,” is pressed in the mind-sight, of a Military Veteran, (especially those that are enduring the difficulties of Homelessness.). ….. All of whom have served our country, to preserve, protect and defend, our GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS, that our country was blessed and privileged to have been Founded Upon,… While all of which is being ravaged, by the 2021 Executive and Legislative Offices, for the recent 100 Days. This 76 year old Military Combat Veteran, (And MANY others it is sad to say.),, “ARE LIVING IN THE SHADOWS of a MAJOR state of DEPRESSION! Hopefully’ most of us will survive the horrors of that depression, that may lead to suicide. I pray God will provide a Strong Hedge of Protection upon all our citizenry, in Hopes that our Government, will Make a U-TURN, before more suicides, , and before America is no more. Amen.

Tennile and the Captain
Tennile and the Captain
2 years ago

Everyone has a right to come to America for free milk and honey.
What is wrong with you, racist. (sarc)
A dox is coming up for that wrongthink. (sarc)
That’s a nice suburban back yard you have there, be a shame if there isn’t a house put there to house the replacements for the good of the collective.

Look up Herbert Marcuse to see why they are moral and you are not.
Now is not the time to worry about ethnic backgrounds of those who are out to burn it all down by any means necessary.
We can go back to hating each other later.