Biden’s Nearly $6 Trillion Build Back Better Budget Is Out


Biden’s $5.79 Trillion budget expands regulations and spends wildly on far-left programs, that promise to continue the US on the path to destruction. It’s hailed as fiscally responsible after just spending trillions in a spending bill.

The budget is the Build Back Better bill in a budget. It makes us socialists and is the Great Reset in action.

Forbes reports on the Build Back Better programs:

Some of Biden’s “Unity Agenda” social programs that feel a lot like the stalled “Build Back Better initiative perhaps may be resurrected with the help of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). These helicopter government programs covering everything from health care to child care are intended to expand the custodial administrative state and to “help families pay for … essentials.” Domestic spending hikes also target the “climate crisis” (mentioned 33 times in the budget proposal) and boost the likes of the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency.)

Federal spending has always entailed the erection of new regulatory edifices, economic intervention, displacement of private activity, and behavior-altering transfers. But these unexamined effects and artifacts have grown more ominous given mass interventions like the spending surge on COVID (the “American Rescue Plan” a year ago) and one coming on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law occurring in rapid succession. On tap even before Biden’s 2023 proposal has been a slate of technology, defense, procurement/”Buy American” and social-engineering schemes.

It allocates $3.2 billion in discretionary funds for state and local grants, as well as $30 billion in mandatory funds to “support law enforcement, crime prevention, and community violence intervention,” according to the White House.

Regulations too via Forbes:

As the Ukraine crisis unfolds, we find the door opening to counterproductive energy interventions rooted in scapegoating producers. We do not see these in the budget proposal, but compulsory use-or-lose policies on existing energy permits as well as windfall profits taxes with “rebates” to consumers are being floated and are a threat. “Oil companies are raking in record profits, while Americans are facing price hikes at the pump,” according to the interpretation from Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass).

All this interventionist-oriented spending is coming on the heels of Biden’s dismantling of not merely Trump’s regulatory streamlining, but regulatory oversight as such.

There will be more community police officers on the streets across the country under this plan, the White House stated. It also proposes to increase the capacity of federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service to fight violent crime.

The only law enforcement the federal government supports is that which nationalizes the state and local police. He wants Draconian laws under the guise of helping the police.

‘Community policing’ is a radical idea to replace the police with social worker types and give the community undue influence over the real police.

Countering China and Russia

He’s also asking for a lot of money for the military — $728.5 billion – to counter China and Russia.

“To sustain and strengthen deterrence, the Budget prioritizes China as the Department’s pacing challenge,” the White House said.

We already mentioned the tax on money that rich people don’t actually have. That will kill the stock market in time. It’s the precedent that is the major but not only problem. Taxing ‘unrealized’ profits is communistic.

The State Department and USAID – the Soros welfare fund – will get $1.8 billion and $400 million will go to countering China.

Biden wants another $682 million to counter Russia. It includes $13.6 billion for Ukraine aid.

He said the budget is for national security but it could be for war – just conjecture.

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