Biden’s New Plan to Get Rid of Oil & Gas While Ending Coal


When I say Biden’s plan, I mean the Obama cartel who serve as advisers in the Biden administration with the rest of the Progressives – Biden doesn’t plan anything.

Joe Biden and his administration’s climate change hysterical advisers have devised a plan to put many oil and gas well operators out of business. This is as he and his caretakers are eliminating coal by 2038.

Over the next two years, they will force all new and existing well owners to implement new, expensive rules to stop methane leaks. Biden claims this will turbocharge climate action in the country.

The WSJ reports:

The Biden administration is slapping tough new regulations on the oil and gas industry, requiring operators to plug methane leaks and stop burning excess gas with flares. The regulations also mandate regular inspections of facilities to make sure the planet-warming compound isn’t escaping into the atmosphere.

Administration officials say the methane rule, which will be phased in over the next two years after two years of contentious debate, will cool the planet and improve public health.

[It will not cool the planet. There is zero proof that it will.]

Industry groups say it will put some owners of wells out of business.

For the first time, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to require both new and existing methane sources—pumps, wells, compressor stations, and other related operations—to comply with the agency’s environmental standards. EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan announced the final rule Saturday at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.

“We’ve crafted these technology standards to advance American innovation and account for the industry’s leadership in accelerating methane technology,” Regan said. “We are finalizing this historic action to reduce climate pollution, protecting people and the planet.”

“An estimated 30% of wells nationwide would be forced to close because it would cost too much.”

Oil and gas groups had a mixed reaction to the new rule, which received more than one million public comments since it was proposed in 2021.

Aaron Padilla, vice president of corporate policy for the American Petroleum Institute, said the new requirements will stretch the industry. “It’s not easy, and it’s not inexpensive,” he said.

Wikimedia Commons
[The administration doesn’t want Mom & Pop. They want government centralization only.]

Padilla said he expects the new rule will hurt mom-and-pop operators more than larger energy firms. An API-funded study released in March estimated that 30% of wells nationwide would be forced to close because it would cost too much to bring them into compliance. Most of those are older, marginal wells and account for less than 3% of natural gas production and 1.2% of oil production.

The EPA rule will require new wells to cap flares at production facilities that burn waste gas that the industry says isn’t economical to sell. Regan said the rule gives the industry time to purchase pollution-control equipment and allows operators to use aerial screening, gas-sniffing sensor networks, and orbiting satellites to locate and fix leaks more quickly.

China will keep pumping as much methane in the air as it can. Thus, they will improve their standard of living and national security while defeating every effort the West makes to clean it up. As we destroy ourselves, they will have a good laugh and will pick at our rotting carcass.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Well well!!!