James Woods Nails It as US Announces the End of Coal by 2038


The Biden Administration is forging ahead with its insane Green New Deal. They will end coal and replace it with unreliable solar and wind.

Kerry announced a major crackdown on methane emissions.

The new rules are the centerpiece of global announcements to cut methane emissions at Cop28. The US estimates they will cut methane emissions from its vast oil and gas industry by 80% from levels that would be expected without the rule – a total of 58m tonnes by 2038.

That’s 15 years from now.

James Woods nailed it here:

We’re not the bad guys but are portrayed as if we are.

The key takeaways from the third day of Cop28:

These people are insane. They don’t know what they are talking about, and they destroying themselves.

Coal Facts

The government’s facts are not accurate. We took these from Usibelli Coal Mine:

  • 33% of U.S. electricity is generated from coal.
  • 9 out of every 10 tons of coal mined annually in the U.S. is used for domestic electricity generation.
  • 1,100 manufacturing facilities are using coal in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).
  • EIA estimates that 73% of all coal-based generating capacity was 30 years or older at the end of 2010.
  • Coal accounts for about 30 percent of U.S. total energy production and 21 percent of total energy consumption.
  • Coal is found in 38 states, under 458,600 square miles or about 13 percent of the nation’s land area.
  • U.S. coal mining directly employs nearly 136,000 people/
  • Power plants being built today emit 90 percent less pollutants (SO2, NOx, Particulates, mercury) than the plants they replaced from the 1970s – according to the National Energy Technology Laboratory.
  • Coal is the largest freight commodity moved by barges on the nation’s inland waterways.

The government will destroy a lot of jobs, not only in the coal industry, but in manufacturing, and maybe shipping. Our energy is at the heart of our wealth and our national security, and the lunatics in charge are destroying all that.

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Tito Orange
Tito Orange
2 months ago

Humans cannot accurately predict weather even a few hours in advance. Anyone claiming they can predict climate decades or centuries in advance is simply lying.

Every single effort to predict climate has been wrong. Not just a little bit wrong, but so hugely wrong they should stop trying.

If the climate alarmists really wanted to prevent climate change, they would stop using secret & manipulated data to generate models that are always grossly incorrect.

The leaders of the “climate crisis” club have the real data and real model results. They know there is no looming crisis. They also know humans have no power to make climate better or worse.

Most of the climate alarmist leaders are not insane, they are evil. They are using climate propaganda to frighten people into letting them push us all into socialism.

For those leaders, socialism is just another propaganda scheme. They know socialism always fails because 1 – they understand history; 2 – it goes against human nature and 3 – the leaders don’t believe in socialism anymore. Socialism is always just a tool to consolidate more power & wealth into the hands of a small number of “elites”.

Their real plan is for after they use socialism to cause societal collapse. Socialism will help them consolidate their power and turn the world into a totalitarian paradise where they control everything – travel, banking, employment, medicine, who has children, who gets an education and even who gets to live out their lives. They used to hide their plans. Now they openly talk about it and cheer each other on.

The sad fact is that >99% of the people supporting climate alarm are just useful idiots for the ones in charge. Even most of the people that think they are “elites” are just serfs to the ones behind the scenes.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

White idiots think the minorities want ‘parity’…Let them hold on to that thought through the coming Power Apocalypse…

2 months ago

The empty promises of old dying white men trying to hold onto power. I can just imagine the US by 2038. Coal will be the least of our worries. Minorities will be the majority and in many areas of the country, whites will be running for their lives. The minorities behave themselves somewhat, when they are the minority but when they become the majority, it becomes a hellhole. Don’t believe me, just look at any inner city neighborhood that has gone through the change of color. From nice to hellhole.

Tito Orange
Tito Orange
2 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

That was all according to the plan laid out by the people using President Johnson to create those slums. They needed a permanent source of people that could be convinced they are victims. They ARE victims, but the ones that made them victims are still telling them to hate the ones that would lift their lives up so they didn’t need to be victims anymore.