Biden’s new SCAM to give quick asylum to invaders


As the southern border surges to the highest level in two decades under the Biden-Obama leadership, the administration has drafted a 21-point plan to weigh their asylum claims more quickly and deport those who do not qualify.

This is a scam to give asylum and a quick path to citizenship to everyone who invades. Naturally, the administration is laughably blaming Donald Trump.

The courts won’t be involved at all. Asylum officers will make decisions on the spot.


In the plan, to be released Tuesday, the administration calls for asylum officers to have full authority to rule on asylum claims for migrants crossing the border, allowing asylum seekers to bypass immigration courts. The courts now have a backlog of more than 1.2 million cases because the borders are wide open. Almost no one comes back.

The White House aims to send asylum cases that do go to court to a dedicated docket to be sure they are given priority, according to the document, NBC News reports.<

Families seeking asylum would also have access to legal counsel at US taxpayer expense.

The administration claims the unqualified will be deported more quickly. [Those numbers will be very small.]

“Asylum and other legal migration pathways should remain available to those seeking protection. Those not seeking protection or who don’t qualify will be promptly removed to their countries of origin,” the document said.

The White House did not place a timeline on when it might implement the changes to its border policy. It will undoubtedly be soon. They are trying to get everything through quickly before people realize what’s happening to the country.

Where are the lawsuits? The administration is acting lawlessly.

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