Biden’s Not Advocating Regime Change, He Just Wants Putin to Leave


What went on today with Joe Biden trying to walk back his outrageous comments in Poland was alarming and dangerous. Try to keep your sense of humor as you watch the clips and hope Putin or Xi don’t go totally berserk. Basically, Biden said that he doesn’t want regime change, but he does want Putin to leave.

He said “It’s up to the Russian people to make that decision,” although Senator Graham said he wants the Russians to kill him.

Biden was reading from a cue card marked “Tough Putin Q & A”. It had the exact answers to the exact questions that were asked.

Maybe Biden should take Putin in the back alley. He wanted to do that to Trump. But he probably couldn’t find the back alley.


Here we have Joe Biden with a cheat sheet of talking points to address his disastrous statements in Poland, and still, he screwed it up. This is not just humiliating, it’s very dangerous.

The cheat sheet included the talking points:
  • If you weren’t advocating for regime change, what did you mean? Can you clarify?
  • I was expressing the moral outrage I felt toward the actions of this man.
  • I was not articulating a change in policy.

He often pulls notecards out of his pocket and frequently makes it clear he has to call on certain reporters in a specific order.

Here Biden is reading from the notecard:

In this next clip, Biden doubles down, saying that Putin shouldn’t remain in power,  “I just, it was, I was expressing my outrage. He shouldn’t remain in power. Just like, you know, bad people shouldn’t continue to do bad things. But, it doesn’t mean we’re have [sic] a fundamental policy to take Putin down in any way.”

He was supposed to again say, “I was expressing the moral outrage I felt toward the actions of this man. I was not articulating a change in policy.”

Then we get to Peter Doocy’s question and he says none of what happened actually happened. Of the three serious mishaps in Poland that his staff had to walk back, Biden says, “None of the three occurred.”

It doesn’t end there. Biden said no one believes we’d want to take Putin down. “Nobody believes we’re gonna takedown… I was talking about taking down Putin.”

Uh, no, almost everyone thinks you meant you wanted to remove him from power, Joe.

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