Biden’s now quoting from China’s mass-murdering dictator Mao Zedong


Joe Biden quoted from Mao Zedong at a fundraiser with Valerie Jarrett in attendance. Mao was China’s dictator who murdered upwards of 65 million of his own people.

“We’ve got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” Biden said on Monday evening to the 14 wealthy donors who attended the digital fundraising session.

According to the pool reporter who watched the event, Biden then cited the Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky.”

He’s Sympatico with China and communism so this is no surprise. It was a common Chinese phrase that began when Mao granted women some powers.

Biden has elevated one of Obama’s former staffers who likes to quote Mao — Anita Dunn.

The presumptive presidential candidate has the most radical of advisers. Now he’s quoting from Mao.

Biden also just unveiled a bold new plan to get our children to market swiftly.

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