Biden’s only on a job interview for president, so, no presumption of innocence


Joe Biden is interviewing for a job — President of the United States — as Democrats would say. But he is under the cloud of suspicion for an alleged sexual assault allegation by Tara Reade, who is very credible and has six witnesses. In the recent past, Biden has made it clear that he doesn’t believe anything has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, nor is there a presumption of innocence under these circumstances.

On Monday, the Washington Free Beacon released a video showing multiple Democrats, including Biden, arguing the sexual assault accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh did not need to be proven because he was facing a job interview and not a criminal trial.

“Supreme Court hearing is not a trial, it’s a job interview,” Biden states in the video. “It’s a job interview and you don’t have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt anything.”

The presumptive 2020 Democrat presidential nominee said that although he thinks all women should be believed when they claim to have been sexually assaulted, all such claims should also be investigated.


Another newly-surfaced video shows Joe Biden telling The View audience in 2019 that you “don’t have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt anything” when looking at someone if they are right for the job.

The Daily Wire published it for its irony.

Watch, he couldn’t finish a sentence in 2019 either [go to 02:20]:

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