Schiff desperately tries to back up the Chinese Communist government


Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democrat head of the House Intel Committee, who has led the coup of the president, claims the president is “deflecting” by blaming China and “it’s part of his “modus operandi.”

Moreover, he states that Trump confronting China is a part of a “continuing disservice to the country.” He also suggests President Trump as good as killed those who died from coronavirus.

Schiff really is an unhinged liar. He was impeaching the President while the virus was going down. Maybe he has blood on his hands.

We now know from leaked DHS documents and documents out of China — that the AP wrote about — China knew about the virus contagion by December. They were preparing for it from January 2nd-on by ordering an extraordinary amount of medical supplies. It wasn’t until January 20th that China told WHO the virus could spread from human-to-human.

They knew and they let their people travel throughout the world as they kept it secret. They have blood on their hands and should be held accountable.

Watch Schiff stand up for them against the U.S. President:

He now says all the virus victims died because of the President, not China. He compares it to 9/11 as if the President was a suicide bomber on those planes:

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