Professor Turley blasts the media, Obama admin, Biden with truth — at The Hill


The Hill actually published an article by Professor Jonathan Turley condemning the “willful blindness by the media on spying by the Obama administration.”

The opening paragraphs:

“The Washington press corps seems engaged in a collective demonstration of the legal concept of willful blindness, or deliberately ignoring the facts, following the release of yet another declassified document which directly refutes prior statements about the investigation into Russia collusion. The document shows that FBI officials used a national security briefing of then-candidate Donald Trump and his top aides to gather possible evidence for Crossfire Hurricane, its code name for the Russia investigation.

It is astonishing that the media refuses to see what is one of the biggest stories in decades. The Obama administration targeted the campaign of the opposing party based on false evidence. The media covered Obama administration officials ridiculing the suggestions of spying on the Trump campaign and of improper conduct with the Russia investigation. When Attorney General William Barr told the Senate last year that he believed spying did occur, he was lambasted in the media, including by James Comey and others involved in that investigation. The mocking “wow” response of the fired FBI director received extensive coverage.

The George Washington University legal scholar was responding to the latest exposé. A newly-released document showed President Trump was spied on by the Obama administration hacks Clinesmith and Strzok who asked detailed questions of President Trump.

When Comey admitted communications between Flynn and the Russians were legitimate, Joe Biden suggested using the likely unconstitutional, never used Logan Act.

Biden is trash for suggesting this. He is as corrupt as the rest of them.

As Dr. Turley states, the allegations were based on the fake dossier, the FBI knew the dossier author Christopher Steele was unreliable, the Obama administration knew the basis for the FISA was warrant was likely fraudulent, the investigators found no evidence of collusion, and Obama and BIDEN knew the results of the probe when they ridiculed Donald Trump for saying the administration spied on him.

Professor Turley concludes:

Willful blindness has its advantages. The media covered the original leak and the collusion narrative, despite mounting evidence that it was false. They filled hours of cable news shows and pages of print with a collusion story discredited by the FBI. Virtually none of these journalists or experts have acknowledged that the collusion leaks were proven false, let alone pursue the troubling implications of national security powers being used to target the political opponents of an administration. But in Washington, success often depends not on what you see but what you can unsee.

That’s some indictment of the media, the Obama administration, and the corrupt Joe Biden.

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