Biden Has Secret Plans to Prepare for Election 2024 Using Agencies


America First Legal (AFL0 says time is running out to ensure that Biden’s Deep State apparatus doesn’t interfere with the elections in 2024. Currently, the team at AFL is in federal court fighting to force the federal government to release the “Strategic Plans” of fourteen different federal agencies that describe their secret efforts to prepare for the elections in 2024 and increase voting access.

President Biden’s Executive Order 14019, titled “Promoting Access to Voting,” was put into effect on March 7, 2021. It calls for each agency to submit to a “Strategic Plan” to promote mail-in voting schemes, expand multilingual voter registration and election communication, and distribute voter registration and mail-in ballots, among many other suspicious preparatory moves.   

Ironically, they claim it is to ensure “free and fair elections.” It falsely claims that “people of color “confront significant obstacles to exercising that fundamental right,” yet they proportionately vote in greater numbers than white people. It’s not 1964.

One of the demands of this order is language access. This is as they let millions of illegal crossers into the country. It’s suspicious.

It’s a back door into federal control over elections.

Here are some of the guidelines for the agencies:

(ii)   ways to facilitate seamless transition from agencies’ websites directly to State online voter registration systems or appropriate Federal websites, such as;
(iii)  ways to provide access to voter registration services and vote-by-mail ballot applications in the course of activities or services that directly engage with the public, including:
(A)  distributing voter registration and vote-by-mail ballot application forms, and providing access to applicable State online systems for individuals who can take advantage of those systems;
(B)  assisting applicants in completing voter registration and vote-by-mail ballot application forms in a manner consistent with all relevant State laws; and
(C)  soliciting and facilitating approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations and State officials to provide voter registration services on agency premises;
(iv)   ways to promote and expand access to multilingual voter registration and election information and to promote equal participation in the electoral process for all eligible citizens of all backgrounds; and

AFL is an important organization. They are more effective than a watchdog since they get things stopped, blocked, and constrained.

I just put up a poll by Rasmussen and The Heartland Institute that found 21% of mail-in voters voted illegally in the 2020 election. Mail-in voting is one way the Left can corrupt the vote.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explained that Biden’s EO allows his hand-picked political appointees to direct federal agencies in using taxpayer funds to register voters, distribute vote-by-mail ballots, help voters they’ve chosen to participate in the electoral process and engage in countless other quasi-electioneering activities at their political appointee’s discretion.

Further, it gives Biden appointees the ability to select “approved” third-party organizations that use taxpayer funding to carry out these actions as well. Such a system is ripe for abuse, and corruption, and will inevitably lead to significant public funding for the Biden Administration’s political allies.

“It’s difficult to see how this is anything but a grotesque insult to election integrity, on top of being unconstitutional,” said Attorney General Paxton in 2022. “The Constitution explicitly grants the power of election oversight to state legislatures. Allowing political appointees at federal agencies to use taxpayer dollars to influence election efforts runs afoul of our election laws, basic fairness, and the desperate need for election security.”

They’re the government, and they’re here to help.

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2 months ago

Big respect for America First Legal!