Biden’s Slowed-Down Plan to Ban Gas-Powered Cars


Biden’s EPA passed a new rule to make gas-powered cars very expensive. This rule, somehow, will make EVs more affordable and available.

“Purely gas-powered vehicles will get more expensive,” said Sam Abuelsamid, the principal research analyst for mobility at market intelligence firm Guidehouse Insights, in an email.

“The new rule will make it more difficult for gas-powered cars to keep up with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards, which will ratchet up over time, and they’ll need “more advanced technology that will drive up prices,” Abuelsamid said.

He thinks the increased production of EVs will make them cheaper.

The administration can now claim it hasn’t banned gas cars—yet. Two states, California and Massachusetts, have banned gas-powered cars.

This means that a lot of United Auto Workers will lose their livelihoods.

Some analysts say prices of gas-powered cars will increase.

The Biden administration said the rule issued Wednesday could result in just 29 percent of the new car market remaining gas-powered in 2032. In the administration’s lowest-cost scenario, it estimated by that year, 56 percent of vehicles would be battery electric, 13 percent would be plug-in hybrids, and 3 percent would be other hybrids.

Biden has slowed down the shift to EVs that most people don’t even want. John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation, is pleased with the stretch goal.

The administration claims EVs are cleaner, but what they really are doing is making us dependent on Chinese Communists. The CCP is building three different EV firms in Mexico. The plan is to put US carmakers out of business. It will put American workers out of business.

The rule forces more than half of US cars sold in 2030 to be EVs.

If Democrats win in November, it will get worse. This delay is only until they have power.

Colorado banned gas-powered lawn equipment, and New York banned gas-powered stoves. These people are nuts. We will become totally dependent on China.

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