US Asks Hamas Ally Qatar to Operate & Finance Gaza Pier


The US asked Hamas ally Qatar to operate and finance the temporary pier in Gaza. Do you believe this ridiculous US administration?

Qatar would only agree if the construction work went to Al-Hisi, “a company controlled and sponsored by Hamas,” according to Channel 14 correspondent Baruch Yedid, who cited Arab media reports.

Screengrab from DOD: US ships set sail with materials for the pier
Qatar is a big funder of Hamas.

Defense of Democracies Foundation reports that Qatar has given $1.8 million to Hamas since 2012.

Yerdid said that when Israel disagreed with the deal, the US rebuffed them.

“We’ve arrived at a situation where the Qataris have control because they’re financing. For Hamas, it’s good because it’s their company,” said Yedid. “The whole idea was to isolate Hamas as a whole. Here, once again, is Qatari-American cooperation, and [Hamas] isn’t isolated.”

The administration is not serious.

It makes as much sense as letting Chinese communist companies own five ports in the United States: Miami, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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