NY Law: You Can Dismember Bodies and Won’t Need Bail Money


In New York, you can dismember people you probably killed and still remain eligible for release without bail. When New York says the suspect is bail ineligible, it doesn’t mean s/he is not eligible. In New York, it means s/he gets out without bail.

Mutilation and disposal of murdered corpses are among the crimes that are no longer bail-eligible, according to the 2019 bail reform laws.

Left-wing host Ana Kasparian lost it over four murder suspects who dismembered their two victims and were allowed out without bail.

The Story

“Suffolk County Police say 44-year-old Steven Brown, 38-year-old Jeffrey Mackey, 40-year-old Amanda Wallace, and 33-year-old Alexis Nieves were charged with concealment of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution. They have not been charged with murder.

“Prosecutors told a judge there was so much blood in pipes, sink, shower, and toilet of the Railroad Avenue home in Amityville where the suspects were arrested that it was deemed uninhabitable. Police said they confiscated “meat cleavers, butcher knives, flesh and body parts.”

The DA said the four went to “barbaric lengths” to cover the crime.

Police in Suffolk County identified the female victim as 59-year-old Donna Conneely, and family members identified the male victim as 53-year-old Malcolm Craig Brown. They were murdered.

Amanda Wallace was arrested again for stealing from a CVS drugstore.

Ms. Wallace, who was charged with petit larceny, admitted to stealing, according to documents filed at Suffolk District Court.

“I did – eyelashes and nail polish,” she told an officer. “I forgot my money and really didn’t feel like walking back over.”

She did this while wearing a monitor. She was finally held on a $10,000 bond. the other three are still roaming around with monitors on. No one monitors the monitors.

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