Biden’s SOS took anonymous donations of $22 million from China


Tony Blinken is Joe Biden’s choice for Secretary of State (SOS). You can imagine how important the role of SOS is in dealings with China. Well, it turns out that he is being asked to explain anonymous Chinese funding of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement that Joe Biden established in 2018 with the University of Pennsylvania. Blinken was Managing Director and other Biden aides from the Obama Administration operated there as the government-in-waiting.

“The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a major complaint with the Department of Education earlier last year. They demanded that the University of Pennsylvania and its Penn Biden Center disclose the identity of $22 million in anonymous Chinese donations since 2017. The donations included a single eye-popping donation of $14.5 million given on May 29, 2018. That was shortly after the opening of the Biden Center in Washington, DC. Altogether, China gave $67 million in two years to the University of Pennsylvania. the AP reports.

That’s not suspicious at all, especially given Biden’s family’s penchant for taking foreign money in exchange for favors.

They also registered a complaint with the Department of Justice stating the university and Hunter Biden should register as foreign agents under FARA. The DoJ can find FARA violators when they’re Republicans but are asea when it comes to finding them among Democrats.

Blinken’s confirmation hearing is tomorrow, but Democrats have full control. He will lie, say he didn’t know, or something like that, and his appointment will be confirmed. Meanwhile, he looks very corrupt.

That eminently qualifies him for this job. We’re back to the good ole boys. We wouldn’t want an honest government. It also makes Blinken a great Democrat.

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