Biden’s Speech Should Be Renamed “The State of Delusion”


  Biden’s Speech Should Be Renamed “The State of Delusion”


Rather than citing the many distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies in Joe Biden’s March 1st address to both Houses of Congress we’ll simply share some comments from a couple of pundits, and one GOP representative.

Long Island, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who has now been chosen by his party to run for governor, had this sobering statement: “The state of our union has Americans upset about division, inflation, supply chains, crime, border security, foreign policy, competency in government, drug abuse and much more. The public isn’t looking to be spun on how everything they see in front of their faces isn’t actually reality. The public is smart enough to form their own independent judgment on the challenges they face and the crises we as a nation face. They want solutions, common sense, safety, freedom, and prosperity.”

FOX’s Greg Gutfeld was decidedly less sober in his assessment.  “How this guy can lecture us on improving policing after abandoning law enforcement is rich. While crime exploded and riots raged, and defunding police was pushed by his own party, he hid in his basement like a gibbering goofball.”

NY Post columnist, John Podhoretz, wrote an article titled, “According to Joe Biden, everything is going great”.  After giving Joe some props on his opening remarks, Podhoretz wrote, “Too bad that so much of the rest of the speech was preposterous.” He continued, “….you can tell that Joe Biden thinks his presidency is going swimmingly. His words weren’t defensive. They were triumphalists. He even seemed to promise he would bring the opioid epidemic to an end and, for good measure, would also end cancer “as we know it.”

“The immodesty of these ambitions, as we stumble out of the COVID era into an uncertain future in which the dollars in our pocket are worth less every week while Europe faces a continental war and a potential refugee flood of colossal size, had a somewhat delusional aspect.”

Bingo John!  The whole spiel should have been renamed “The State of Delusion” and delivered, more appropriately, on April 1st.


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