US Digs in on Idiocracy But the EU Might Change Course on Oil & Gas


Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) spoke with Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax on Monday to discuss the oil and gas fiasco taking place after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Waltz said the US has doubled the imports of Russian oil in the last year with carve-outs for Russian oil and gas in the sanctions.

Biden is beholden to the progressives and Russian President Putin knows that. Ironically, Russian gas is some of the dirtiest gas in the world as Rep. Waltz said during the interview.

Stinchfield played a tape of Psaki sounding incredibly stupid so Waltz could respond.

Psaki isn’t making sense here. The pipeline makes it easier, cleaner and safer to move oil, and that in turn makes it more available, bringing down prices.

Waltz noted that the raw materials for the solar are all controlled and mined by China. China has some of the dirtiest forms of mining in the world. And, by the way, they do it with slave labor.

If the Left wants to go to the Green New Deal over 50 years, that’s a different conversation, Waltz said.

Hopefully, Putin woke the EU up! Stinchfield played this clip from an EU rep:

Germany is reversing itself after leaving nuclear energy, Waltz said, adding other changes they’re making. They are going to live up to their commitments to NATO for their defense, will add natural gas terminals to receive liquefied natural gas from the US, and plan to reverse their abandonment of nuclear.

The EU is also supporting lethal aid to Ukraine, another reversal.

Waltz says the Europeans, led by Germany, have taken the US and their security for granted “but will it hold”?

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1 year ago

I won’t count on the EU changing course, we are long overdue for WWIII.

Not Sure
Not Sure
1 year ago

We can haez Wakanda?
Unobtainum will power the glorious 1000 year West South Africa.
Yes we can…haez cheeseburger.