Biden’s Staffers Are Participating in Anonymous Palestine Protests


Former Democratic White House staffers are unhappy with the current staff of the Biden administration for participating in anonymous protests since the attacks on Israel on October 7th.

Politico reports:

The notion that junior staffers in such coveted jobs would dare cross the principal — even anonymously — would have been inconceivable not long ago, they say.

“There’s this whole, ‘You’re not the boss of me’ attitude now. ‘I might work for you but I have my own views,’” said longtime Democratic strategist James Carville, who worked for former President Bill Clinton as a top campaign strategist. “If you said you didn’t like some of President Clinton’s policies, the idea that you would go public with that would be insane. Just wouldn’t do that. It wouldn’t even cross your mind.”

They say it began under President Trump, but they lament that it is now part of the culture. The Left wanted those leaks, but now it’s not so much fun when the young Marxists demand support only for the pro-Hamas/Palestine contingent.

They shouldn’t be advocating for one side or taking sides.

They’re hoisted on their own petard. There is a tremendous lack of professionalism in the young Marxists’ behaviors.

The article quotes fake Parkland “survivor” David Hogg who sees it as “democratization” [to be unprofessional and disloyal].

And a Sidenote: a Video Displaying True California pro-Hamas Insanity:

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