Biden’s state-sponsored theft of the COV patent! A handout to Red China


Waiving intellectual property rights is flat-out state-sponsored theft.

~ David Harsanyi

People sometimes spend a lifetime and their fortunes to invent something that will be a marvel for mankind. They rely on patents to protect that work. Big Pharma is no different. They spend a great deal of money to create miracle drugs far more quickly, for money. If they can patent it, they get their money back with a profit. Protecting the patent is key in encouraging new inventions, ideas, and drugs.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden said he wants to unilaterally waive intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines. It’s state-sponsored theft and it’s what communist nations do.

This action would definitely and seriously harm America’s ability to take the lead.

Puppet Biden is siding with world leaders in the World Trade Organization who favor taking the rights away from pharmaceutical companies making the vaccine. This is coming from the heavily CCP-influenced World Trade Organization.


As Senator Cornyn said, “US taxpayers help fund the research into developing mRNA vaccines, including the early R&D by Moderna. The waiver of IP protections would effectively be giving US taxpayer-funded research to China and DPRK.”

This is another Biden gift to the Red Chinese and to North Korea at our expense as the US goes deeply into debt.

Harsanyi writes, “Big Pharma saves more lives every year than all government programs combined. Setting aside COVID for a moment, their innovations have transformed numerous once-deadly ailments into nothing but historical footnotes. They help millions of Americans who suffer from debilitating depression and pain live more bearable lives. Pharma does it for money. Just like what you do for money.”


Allegedly, Biden is under pressure to do it, but that is a fraud. Biden doesn’t even know what he’s saying most of the time. He’s a figurehead. And the pressure is coming from Red China.

The NY Times reports that Katherine Tai, the United States trade representative, announced the administration’s position on Wednesday afternoon, as the pandemic continues to spiral in India and South America.

“This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures,” she said in a statement. “The administration believes strongly in intellectual property protections, but in service of ending this pandemic, supports the waiver of those protections for Covid-19 vaccines.”

The European Union is still standing in the way but decided to discuss it with the US.

What will they say is too important for protection next time? The other nations simply don’t want to pay for it. They made poor choices. They could make deals but instead, they just want to steal it.

Red China’s hand can be clearly seen in this. And there is always a good reason to steal. What will it be next time?

Big Pharma is unlikeable. What they did to Trump by not releasing the announcement they had the vaccine until after the election was evil. But what is wrong is wrong in that this will stem future efforts, especially after the Red Chinese let another virus loose on the world.

A better idea is to make China pay for some of these vaccines.


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