Watch Kamala and hubby share a Fauci-approved kiss


In case you missed it, watch Kamala Harris and her husband kiss each other with masks on while outside. Don’t forget that they are married and live together.  Oh, and they are both vaccinated, as is everyone within 100 feet of them.

This is the flat earthers party.

It is also insulting. They think you are so stupid that you need this message and you won’t see the absurdity in it.

Who knows, maybe Democrats are that stupid.



Wolf Blitzer of fake news CNN asked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday, “Before I let you go, Dr. Fauci, you and I are major league baseball fans. What inning are we in as far as this Covid pandemic is concerned?”

“Well, you know, we’re at least halfway through,” Fauci replied. “I hope we’re seeing, and I do believe Wolf, I’m not trying to be overly enthusiastic about what’s going on vis-à-vis the vaccine program, which is so successful. But we’ve really got to not declare victory prematurely. So we’re in the late innings, but it’s not over. That’s the thing we’ve really got to get people to appreciate. We’re going in the right direction; we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but now’s not the time to declare victory. It’s the time to get more and more people vaccinated, just the way the president said today. We want to get to that goal; it’s a doable goal, and I believe we’ll get there.”

Blitzer pressed, “So you think the seventh, the eighth inning, late innings? What inning are you talking about?”

Fauci answered, “How about the bottom of the sixth? Try that one, Wolf.”

Blitzer, thinking the response isn’t meaningless, said, “I’ll go with the bottom of the sixth. That’s not too bad.”

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