Biden’s USDA Might Ban Chocolate Milk in Elementary and Middle Schools


Biden’s USDA might ban flavored milk in elementary and middle schools, reports Wall Street Journal.  No more chocolate or strawberry or any flavored milk because they can. We are talking control freaks.

The USDA thinks flavored milk contains too much sugar for children.

“We want to take a product that most kids like and that has nine essential nutrients in it and say, ‘You can’t drink this, you have to drink plain’?” asked Katie Wilson, executive director of the Urban School Food Alliance, which represents 18 of the largest school districts in the country. “What are we trying to prove?”

Proponents are afraid children are too obese and are getting too much sugar.

The USD claims it’s a challenging issue. They don’t know what challenging means.

“Flavored milk is a challenging issue to figure out exactly the best path forward,” Cindy Long, administrator of USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, said, explaining why the agency is weighing two options. “We really do want to encourage children to consume milk, and we also recognize the need to reduce added-sugar consumption.”

These people have too much free time. A lot of children won’t drink it and will get no nutrition from their drinks.



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