Biden’s USSR Nominee: We Want to ‘Bankrupt’ the Fossil Fuel Industry


Joe Biden’s [his cabal’s] nominee for comptroller of the currency admitted she wants to destroy our fossil fuel industry — send them into bankruptcy. She is literally a Soviet-loving communist, and there is no second-guessing that.

Saule Omarova would be in charge of the country’s largest banks and is opposed to capitalism. She published a paper earlier this year with a proposal to “end banking as we know it,” as the New York Post reported.

The nominee has already said she wants to move consumer banking to the Federal Reserve from private institutions, as Bloomberg reports.

The video clip below shows that she hopes to destroy our fossil fuel industry. She would do it in the name of the wholly inadequate alternative energy sector. Alternative energy — remarkably — does not include nuclear.

This is an enormous power grab of the entire country in the name of globalization.

Speaking in March at a “Social Wealth Seminar” sponsored by the Jain Family Institute, according to The Daily Wire, Omarova made her feelings about the fossil fuel industries clear.

“We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change,” Omarova said.



Soviet-born Omarova received her undergraduate degree at Moscow State University and immigrated to the US in 1991, two years after graduating in Moscow. She admires the USSR economy.

Her term paper was titled, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” She scrubbed it from her resumé.

Omarova wants a federal agency called the National Investment Authority. It is as Orwellian as it sounds. The agency would “manage public stakes in bailed-out private firms.” What she is saying is any firm that takes government bailout money could be taken over by the federal government by this ‘Authority.’ All the companies that took government money over COV would be taken over. This is communism — Soviet communism.

Her goal will be to overturn capitalism and federalize all banks in the United States. She hates capitalism, wants to wipe out private banking and have everyone put their money in the federal reserve. That would leave all our money at their mercy. The government would know every dime we have.

Government As Your Partner

In her world, the government would act as a “sovereign asset manager, venture capitalist, lender, insurer, equity holder, business partner.” If the government deems your business not ‘socially beneficial’, the government will have the power over that business.

“Amazingly, she still has nice things to say about the defunct U.S.S.R., where Western-style liberties were non-existent and countless millions died from man-made famines, arbitrary executions and, of course, in the notorious Gulag Archipelago,” Forbes wrote


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2 years ago

I want to end banking as we know it too. Do away with banks, and the IRS, move to cryptocurrency for banking and require all “transactions” to be in hard cash via Crypto ATMs so the Government has no idea what the People are doing with their money. All transactions in America would be anonymous.

No Government should know how much money a person has or how many guns they have. All taxes should be paid by Business and Tariffs. The Government should not be allowed to borrow money or print money not backed by cryptocurrency which would be backed by actual productivity. With all money backed only by productivity their would be no inflation caused by excess Government spending. Money would reflect real value and only grow in relation to productivity. If Government wants more Money they would have to increase productivity, i.e. expand the Economy. If the Government gets out of line, the people could just create underground economies and effectively defund Government. Big Government is almost never the solution, except to control the excesses of Businessmen and Border Protection. Local Government can maintain Law & Order.

That way we don’t have to resort to Civil War to keep Big Government under control. First thing is to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with a Balance Budget Amendment. Oh! No more bailing out banks.

Hulka Says Francis
Hulka Says Francis
2 years ago

The comrades are loving it, paging the end of history guy.
Conquered and destroyed from within by a useful idiot fifth column of traitorous slime.
Mommygov is out to put an entire industry out of business?
How will the comrades heat themselves?
Gas from Russia!