Here Is a Georgia Voting Rule That Needs Changing


According to Heather Mullins, a reporter for Real America’s Voice, a Conservative website and media operation, 74 of Georgia’s 159 counties cannot produce original ballot images for the November 2020 election.

A state election director told officials to overwrite the memory cards. It is a rule. The SEB Rules permit the data on memory cards themselves to be destroyed after a recount is requested.  But that needs to change. However, it’s unlikely anyone will change it. They wouldn’t want the trouble and they don’t want to be victimized by the Screaming Mimis of the Left.

Its not clear why these weren’t preserved anyway. One must now get images from Dominion Voting Systems.

The whole idea of a foreign machine company having so much control over our elections is disconcerting to us.

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they wear white coats
they wear white coats
2 years ago

The rot is tremendous and even if Einstein didn’t make the one day technology will outpace man’s ability to keep up quote, we are there.
Dependent on clouds and holograms as the smoke and mirrors distract from the monstrous icebergs up ahead.
Of course the Long March comrades will exploit all archaic laws and greedy on the take only in it for themselves politicians, that is to be expected.
Foreign company? We are all comrade socialists now and global, that is wrongthink to speak ill of Dominion! (thoughtcrime)

2 years ago

Here’s a novel idea. Go back to paper ballots and require them to kept for 7 years like tax records. The fraud in the 2020 Election Steal was monumental and there should be hundreds of people in jail because of it.