Big Corporations Find Mother’s Day Controversial – “Triggering”


Democrats who want to make men into women and have them take over their spaces in the world have only just begun. They are now moving on to a cherished tradition of honoring mothers. Corporations are now letting people opt out of Mother’s Day emails since it is a “sensitive,” “challenging,” and “difficult” time that is “triggering.”

Why would they say this? It’s not simply about pandering to a tiny population who think mothers are demeaning to gender-confused individuals.

If you click on the tweet below from Arizona Informer, it will take you to corporation after corporation treating the day as taboo. It sounds like it’s agenda-driven. What is it about mothers, women, and the culture that is triggering? It shouldn’t be controversial, should it?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Left calls Mother’s Day “Birthing People’s Day.” We say Happy Mother’s Day!

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