Bill O’Reilly Thinks He Knows Why Fox Fired Tucker


Right now, there is a lot of conjecture about why Tucker Carlson was fired. Many are zeroing in on the idea that the Murdochs saw him as too much of a liability. Along those lines, Bill O’Reilly details why he thinks Fox fired Tucker on Cuomo’s show on News Nation.

Most people see it tied into the Dominion settlement. After ’60 Minutes’ gave Ray Epps a sympathetic profile on Sunday night, Epps said he would sue people who ruined his life – like Tucker Carlson, adding one more lawsuit.

Tucker is getting the Trump treatment from the media and the politicians. The ’60 Minutes’ interview was set up to give Epps fodder for lawsuits.

On January 5th and 6th, Mr. Epps aggressively told people to enter the Capitol. He was also on the front lines, whispering in the ear of one of the first people to bring down the gates in the first run on the Capitol. Epps is allegedly on video pushing a sign into the police, although it’s based on a photo. Finally, he told his nephew he orchestrated the intrusion into the Capitol. He was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and still is, yet he wasn’t arrested. People who did a lot less were arrested.

However, Epps is backed by Democrats, their media, and people like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Tucker Carlson was one of the people named in the Dominion lawsuit that cost Fox News nearly $800 million.

Bill O’Reilly Offers the Reason for Fox Firing Tucker

Bill O’Reilly feels confident he knows why Fox News ditched Tucker. It’s the best reasoning we’ve heard of all the theories.

Fox News didn’t want “to remove Tucker Carlson because, as you pointed out, he was the second highest-rated program on the network, next to The Five. And he was the most well-known individual host. So they didn’t want to move him out, but there are lawsuits coming in the wake of Dominion.

“They lost 800 million plus on Dominion, and now you have Smartmatic coming up, and you have two individual lawsuits. Actually one filed and one that may be filed. And that was the key.

“So one of Tucker Carlson’s producers apparently taped a whole bunch of stuff. Her lawyer went into the Fox’s attorneys and said unless you pay so and so some money, we’re going to sue you. And Fox said we’re not paying. So they filed suit in New York City and they have the tapes, and those tapes may be released to the public, all right? And they’re not good tapes for the Carlson program.

“The second thing was last night on ‘60 Minutes,’ Ray Epps, you may remember that name, said to the audience, Tucker Carlson ruined my life and my family’s life by accusing me of having some kind of provocative role in the January 6th riots at the Capitol. That was setting Epps up for a massive lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

“So that’s three lawsuits we know about,t and there’ll be more by shareholders who are angry about the $800 million settlement. And they’re going to go after the Murdochs and the board of directors. Faced with that, the board of directors said we gotta start cleaning this up.”

In the clip, O’Reilly incorrectly states Tucker was the second most-highly rated Fox show. Overall, his was the top-rated show.

I don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly on the reason. Fox is still subject to lawsuits. Firing Tucker doesn’t help them much, but perhaps they just had enough.

Some of what O’Reilly says makes sense. The Left can basically set anyone or any entity up for failure. They’re wealthy and powerful. If they want to get you, they will eventually get you.

As for Tucker, who renewed his contract in 2021 and made about $20 million a year, he will be paid out for the rest of his contract; sources told The Wall Street Journal. It’s possible that Tucker will be able to go on air during that time, but hopefully, I’m wrong.

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