Big debate tonight! Watch the best preview of the debate here


A really good preview of the Democratic primary debate tonight by carpe donkutum can be seen below. It’s very clever.


Thomas Friedman, a columnist for the NY Times, prefers a totally centralized government — like China’s in fact. Democrats are the ones to make it happen. Friedman wants Democrats to form a team of rivals to defeat Trump. He wrote that if the election is between “a self-proclaimed socialist [communist] and an undiagnosed sociopath we will be in a terrible, terrible place as a country. How do we prevent that.”

His short answer is the Democrats have to do something dramatic — form a unity ticket. He then describes the super ticket. He wants Amy Klobuchar as vice president because she’s moderate [she’s actually extreme]. He wants Bloomberg or Bernie as Secretary of Treasury [Bernie???!!], Warren as HHS Secretary, Kamala Harris as Attorney General [She can imprison more black kids], Cory Booker as Secretary of Housing, Pete Buttigieg as Homeland Security. He wants AOC as U.N. ambassador, Bernie-not-all-there as Secretary of State. It goes on.

Apparently, it’s a take-off on a plan Abraham Lincoln used, keeping his enemies close and gathering advisers from all streams of consciousness

I don’t know how the readers feel, but this terrifies me.


Tonight’s debate in Charleston, South Carolina, could spell the end of Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer. They are barely hanging on and certainly have no chance to win.

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are the next level candidates, but their money is running out. They haven’t shown any sign of breaking out.

Joe Biden could win South Carolina but Bernie Sanders is biting at his heels and Biden thinks he’s running for the Senate.

Bloomberg has one chance to win a following although his unlimited funds will keep him going as long as he wants. It’s hard to imagine he can make a strong showing given his personality, but he is bright.

Bernie is the most dangerous man in America. He strongly allies with communism and is the most dangerous of the candidates. If he wins, he plans to make Elizabeth Warren his VP or his Treasury Secretary. She is closely aligned with him and is a far-left, although ‘moderate’ Buttigieg is also very far-left.

If the candidates attack Bernie during the debate, the Bernie Bros will go after them. It’s not clear who will take on Bernie — if anyone.

This is a great preview of the debate, a must-see:

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