Big Lots Manager Fired After Reporting Shoplifter Assault


Longtime Big Lots manager Pat Guider was fired after a shoplifter assaulted his assistant. He followed the shoplifter, lost track of him, but was able to retrieve the shopping cart.

His assistant, who was also fired, said she just wanted to get the cart. They got 40 new carts in December, and by March, they only had five left. Mr. Guider wanted to get information to report to the police, which he did.

The store has a warning sign to never leave to follow a shoplifter.

Remember when loyal managers were called heroes? Mr. Guider wasn’t trying to accost or detain the shoplifter. They kept their distance.

Insurance companies don’t want employees hurt or killed. Perhaps Big Lots is worried about insurance. Some commenters say it might be time to Bud Light Big Lots.

More information:

Mr. Guider can’t pay his health insurance and has a GoFundMe.

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