BIG! New rule about welfare, immigrants and doling out green cards


AP NEWS reports that the administration will ensure that new immigrants will be more self-sufficient. Democrats, and deadbeats won’t like the new rules that will make it happen.

The immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance can be denied Green Cards, the document that puts people on the path to citizenship.

It might make it more difficult for people who are reliant on government to get legal status in the United States.

Federal law already requires those seeking green cards and legal status to prove they will not be a burden to the U.S., or what’s called a “public charge,” but the new rules, made public on Monday, detail a broader range of programs that could disqualify them, the AP reports.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers will consider welfare along with other factors, such as health, education, and income, before granting LEGAL status.

Democrats don’t care about the people, just their votes, so they will balk and their groups will sue. Democrats even insist on keeping criminal aliens here illegally in the country. Criminal aliens are an important voting bloc for them.

The rules will take effect in mid-October. They don’t apply to U.S. citizens, even if the U.S. citizen is related to an immigrant who is subject to them.

Rules like this could return us to the rule of law since most illegal aliens collect some form of welfare. It doesn’t matter the race or religion or gender. What matters is doing it legally and taking in people who won’t promote crime and who can take care of themselves and not live off others peoples’ money.

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