Big News! People Who Won’t Watch CNN for Free, Also Won’t Pay for It Livestreamed


CNNPlus launched Tuesday and by Thursday it’s a flop according to early reports. People who won’t watch it for free also won’t pay for it livestreamed.

It’s allegedly distinctive because it has interactive Q & A interviews with reporters and newsmakers on the “Interview Club”. Oh, yippee, you can ask questions of the people you don’t want to watch.


Fox Business News’ analyst Charles Gasparino reported that the new CNN streaming service is shaping up to be a flop.

In a tweet, he said that CNNPlus employees are “bracing for layoffs, possibly as soon as May” unless subscriptions pick up. The sales have allegedly been abysmal.

CNN’s Twitter PR scamp tweeted back to Gasparino to tell him how great they are doin.

“For the record, we are VERY happy with the launch of CNN+ and are only bracing for a long run of success,” he said.

Gasparino replied to it by mocking him for not responding to his request for comment, but only tweeting instead.

“The ‘well oiled’ @CNN PR Flack department won’t respond to my calls for comment but tweets out their response. Nice,” Gasparino said.

Recently, CNN Plus hired Chris Wallace from Fox News and MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt as big names to attract subscribers.

Lots of luck with that. Who would think Wallace would attract subscribers?

Greg Kelly of Newsmax subscribed to CNN Plus for laughs to see how it was and said it “sucks.” He also thinks Wallace is on “thin ice.”

Yeah, well, no loss for TV viewers.

Kasie Hunt scored an interview with despicable Mitt Romney and they did an anti-Trump segment. Ho Hum.

Seriously, you can watch shows with people who have very poor viewership for only $5.99 a month when you can get it for free on their regular programming:

CNN Plus Top Shows to Watch

There are currently five shows on CNN Plus, with more planned to release in the near future.

  • Anderson Cooper Full Circle covers interviews with authors, entertainers, and other people of note, primarily focusing on events outside of Washington D.C.
  • Boss Files with Poppy Harlow consists of sit-downs with major business leaders to discover the secrets behind their success.
  • Jake Tapper’s Book Club dives into what makes the world’s most successful authors tick.
  • Parental Guidance with Anderson Cooper focuses on how Cooper handles life as a new father of two with expert interviews.
  • No Mercy No Malice with Scott Galloway examines technology, business and society, and how these spheres intersect with one another in the modern world.

CNN Plus has plans to launch a series starring Don Lemon and Rex Chapman in April, as well as a series with food writer Alison Roman. There are also plans for another series featuring Eva Longoria and Mexican cuisine.

When will they get the message?

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