Buttigieg says free healthcare to everyone around the world is a “pillar of his plan”


Platitudinous Pete Buttigieg said at Tuesday’s Town Hall that every person who comes into the country illegally must get free healthcare. It’s “a pillar of his plan.”

Giving healthcare to all illegal aliens is extremely far-left and unaffordable. People will come from all around the world to receive it.

Buttigieg, and everyone on the stage last night, except Bloomberg, in June 2019 raised their hands in the affirmative when asked if their healthcare plans would cover illegal aliens.

Some have since concealed their views behind vague blather, but they raised their hands high at the time.


Buttigieg, by way of contrast, declared at CNN’s Tuesday Town Hall that giving healthcare to those in the USA illegally would be “one of the pillars” of his plan.

“You’ve said undocumented immigrants should have been able to receive coverage under Obamacare,” began “Out Front” host Erin Burnett. “And you’ve addressed that in your plan. Now let’s just say you’re the president of the United States, you go to Congress, you’re trying to pass the bill. And that becomes the roadblock, that you’re just not able to get it through if you’re going to provide access to undocumented immigrants. Would you be willing to put that aside, or is that something you will not drop?”

Without hesitation, Buttigieg launched into a response pandering to illegal aliens, the people Democrats will all give amnesty to the next time they are in office, the people Democrats will continue to welcome in through open borders when they are in charge.

The healthcare for all plan that sits on a shelf, waiting for a Democrat majority, covers healthcare, dental, hearing, vision, longterm care, and all expenses such as the co-pay. It’s a communist plan without the illegals.

Pete is the son of a famous communist professor, and it shows.


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