Big Rally at the Red Hen Today for Marxist Tim Kaine’s Opponent


There was a big rally at the infamous Red Hen Sunday. It was held by pro-Trump candidate Corey Stewart who is running for the Senate in Virginia against Marxist Tim Kaine. Unfortunately, Virginia has gone blue, and right now, Stewart is about 18 points behind in the polls.

The Red Hen is famous for its virtue fascist owner and staff. The owner of the Red Hen in Arlington kicked Sarah Sanders and her family out of the restaurant because she and her staff don’t agree with the press secretary’s beliefs.

The owner closed the restaurant until July 5th when she hopes the backlash against her will have died down.

She recently collected more than $5600 from a GoFundMe page which she seems to be using to clean up the dirty place.

The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson also owns Pure Eats Yum and House Mountain Yarn. One might assume she doesn’t allow Republicans to eat in the Yum or buy yarn in the House place either. Try wearing a MAGA hat into one of those places and see what happens.

She resigned her position as Director of Historic Downtown Lexington over the furor she created.

The Facebook Historic Downtown Lexington page was taken down but is back up. It’s actually up and down since they are monitoring and removing comments. It’s hard to do given the number of comments that have come in. Some comments were vulgar and that isn’t appropriate.

The President mentioned how dirty it was at the time, and it seems to have gotten their attention. The owner’s cleaning up the place.

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5 years ago

It’s the growing army of well paid government employees living in Virginia that elect radicals like Kaine.