Uh Oh, Big Trouble Ahead! WH Can’t Find Words to Cover for Joe


As Rev. Wright would say, their chickens are coming home to roost; only it’s not Republican chickens; it’s Democrat chickens. Karine Jean Pierre tried to cover for the latest information on the Hunter laptop that CBS finally admitted was true. All she could come up with is, “uh,” and, but Republicans

The media hid the Hunter laptop before the election and called it Russian disinformation. Russia strongly denied it. The media ignored the Biden family’s business partner Tony Bobulinski who had every bit of documentation to back up what he said. The laptop and Mr. Bobulinski’s data showed the Biden family was selling us out to Chinese communists and other corrupt nations. It was hard to ignore, but they succeeded.


Rep. James Comer (R-KY) will likely be in charge of the House Oversight Committee in the upcoming new Congress. He will fulfill his promise to the American people. He announced that there would be a House investigation into Joe Biden and if he had been compromised by those foreign connections.

Hunter Biden is an addendum to the Joe Biden betrayal, which is why it must be pursued. Erick Erickson wants us to move on, but he’s wrong.

Karine Jean-Pierre tried to stir up some chaos by spreading misinformation and disinformation on the topic with the usual hems and haws and uhs, demonstrating how bad she is at this.

“Can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother’s foreign business dealings?” a reporter asked. Jean-Pierre’s answer was incoherent, “So look, I, you know, um, there’s some, a little bit of, uh, interesting, uh, you know, kind of, on brand, uh, thinking here.” She then deflected, saying Republicans weren’t addressing inflation as they promised.

Jean-Pierre continued, trying to turn the tables in clownish fashion:

“They’re not coming up with solutions on how we’re going to lower costs for Amer- — for American families. They’re not coming up with solutions as to how are we dealing with, uh, uh, issues that matter the most to American families.”  She said, speaking for all of American, she said the American people don’t really want the Biden crime family investigated. “Look, the midterm elections were very clear. They were very clear where Americans said they wanted us to deal with real issues…they wanted us to deal with what we were seeing with democracy…they wanted us to deal with how are we going to fight for freedoms and for rights of the American people.”


Hey, Karine, Republicans won the House. That’s not endorsing lies. She’s trying to make the GOP the bad guys, but the Bidens and the media created the problem.

Uh, uh, KJP is lying badly.

Jean-Pierre’s bumbling words are all deflection and lies. She can’t answer the question or find an argument in her brain to respond without stuttering out a lot of “uhs.”

Things aren’t looking good for Traitor Joe.

Here’s an audio showing Joe’s involvement, and read more here:

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1 year ago

America First Republicans are absolutely Clear on how to fix the Economy and put inflation in Check – Drill, Baby, Drill. America First Republicans will push for an all inclusive Energy Policy and Democrats will do all they can to stop it.

It is Absolutely Clear that Traitor Joe is compromised by Multiple Foreign Governments using Hunter Biden and his Brother as the Middlemen. What still needs to be exposed is the inner circle, who are also comprised by multiple Foreign Governments and financed by American Oligarchs who are also clearly Traitors.

While the Bush Family are Globalist and just looked away, Bill Clinton, Barack 0bama, and now Joe Biden are all in Tyrannical Communist who see Globalism as a good thing. Hillary Clinton oversaw the seeding of the Bureaucracy with 1960s Communist. 0bama promoted them to positions power and recruited the Second Wave. Then came BREXIT and President Trump and the Communist were looking at 45+ years of planning and execution blowing up in their face. To literally save their skin, thousands of Communist Democrats worked together to steal the 2020 Election State by State. President Trump had to go.

Democrats miscalculated; President Trump didn’t go away. President Trump declassified and got copies of evidence. The Mar-a-Lago raid was supposed to be a clean up operation, but the Communist now know that information has been distributed and hidden for use at the appropriate time.

The Chickens haven’t just come to roost, The Communist know that it’s not just Hunter Biden’s Laptop that is out there, but Government Documents they tried to hide are common knowledge in Patriot Circles. We could be looking at literally Thousands of People going to Jail or the Gallows in the next 5 years for Treason and many of these people are household names.

All this is because a true Patriot, Donald J. Trump, stepped up to plate in the Spirit of George Washington when the Country needed a Real Leader.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown
1 year ago

Until and unless the Republicans grow a pair, nothing will happen…..