Damning Audio Suggests Biden Used Hunter as a Proxy for Shady Deals


Joe Biden, who claimed he never spoke with Hunter about his business deals with China is heard in newly-released audio leaving a message on Hunter’s phone. The purpose of the call is to discuss Hunter’s lucrative China business deals with the Chinese spy chief.

To put this in context, Joe Biden called Hunter about a NY Times report on his Chinese business dealings. It appears that he had spoken with his son about his relationship with a criminal dubbed the “spy chief of China”.

This is a report by The Daily Mail online dot com. The audio is from a voicemail left on Hunter’s iPhone and the evidence comes straight from Joe’s own mouth.

This audio is from December 2018. Joe wanted to talk to Hunter about his dealings with the Chinese oil giant CEFC. Hunter had struck a deal with the Chinese company for millions of dollars. CEFC’s chairman Ye Jianming was arrested in China. His lieutenant Patrick Ho had been convicted of bribery.

Hunter had recorded himself referring to Ho as the “spy chief of China”.

After Joe saw the story online, he called Hunter and left the voicemail below.

“I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear,” Joe said in the voicemail.

Joe claiming he never spoke with Hunter about his business dealings is untrue. Furthermore, reports coming out from the media suggest Joe used Hunter as a proxy for shady business deals with foreign nations, including China.

Watch the three clips:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This information is not new, it comes from the laptop, which the DOJ had by late 2019. (Also, Hunter seems to have “lost” other devices over the years, when he was in proximity to prostitutes, as he stated.) The date of the laptop going to the FBI (DOJ) is known, based on the evidence from the witness, and the congressional record. We already knew from photos and witness statements that Joe had met with Hunter and business associates multiple times. What happened here is that someone leaked this information.

Barr had this all by late 2019. Barr was a delight to the Bidens and the democrats. Barr has covered up the biggest scandals in US history. He is at ground zero of the criminal coverups and obstruction. Wray insulated himself by making his boss Barr aware of the evidence, he would not have risked being blamed for the coverups, he put his boss in that position. Barr will never be asked, and will not allow himself to be asked, about the laptop. His vague statements to justify himself are that he chose to avoid political acts.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

LIES may fool all of us for awhile, but almost always they are found out. I believe The Biden family is just another corrupt political family, in politics not to serve the people but to enrich and empower them and their friends.
Seriously, what have they ever done for the average American CITIZEN?

Since the Democratic party has helped him for decades and nominated him for the presidency, what does that tell us about the party, especially its leaders, as a whole.

Can we trust anything that comes out of his and the other party leaders mouths? And this is supposed the party of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Wake up Americans.
It is time for us to wake up and WORK to rid our political system of those who enslave us (want to murder our children) whether we be black, brown, white or yellow.

Join a political party. Become a precinct worker. Write letters to the editor.
Is it time to organize peaceful marches for life and freedom. Financially support organizations and candidates who will work of constitutional government.