BIG! UK moves to cancel Huawei, China’s future spy service


This is big. The first European nation to break away from Huawei! The United Kingdom seeks to drop Huawei 5G infrastructure, which the U.S. has warned is meant to spy on everyone.

Secretary of State Mike Pompei has warned the EU to stay away from Huawei and their 5G. They intend to use it to spy and control the world, literally. Communists in China demand loyalty and spying from their employees.

The United Kingdom’s government has decided to terminate a contract with Huawei over China’s alleged lack of transparency during the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken the first step.

The U.K. gave the Chinese Communist Party company a limited role in the country’s 5G infrastructure this year. Three dozen lawmakers backed an amendment to end the partnership by 2023 but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

However, the Communist Chinese government’s perfidy over the Wuhan Chinese Communist Party Virus from China changed their minds.

“We need to devise a proper, realistic exit strategy from relying on Huawei,” Conservative MP Damian Green told Bloomberg News. “Our telecom providers … need to know the government is determined to drive down Huawei’s involvement to zero percent over a realistic timescale.”

“The mood in the parliamentary party has hardened,” said Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative Party’s chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. “It’s a shared realization of what it means for dependence on a business that is part of a state that does not share our values.”

Hopefully, others will follow. As Mike Pompeo has said, Wuawei plans to use 5G as a spy service on the world.

The Chinese government has long been rightfully accused of misinformation and underreporting the number of cases and deaths. They have tried to blame the U.S. and Italy for the virus when it likely came from their lab.

Earlier on Friday, Wuhan officials increased the number of deaths from the coronavirus from 1,290 to 3,869, according to a notice published by China’s Xinhua News Agency on Friday.

It’s still not accurate, not by any logical means.

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