Tucker exposes the treachery of China, political leaders, the MSM


Last night, Tucker’s monologue was a comprehensive review of the coronavirus timeline focusing on China’s evil malfeasance. As he concludes in the last clip below, China’s ultimate goal is world dominance.

As we have reported, everything the Communists of China have done is with that in mind. They have their tentacles throughout the Western World, South America, Africa, and the Middle East, always pretending to be do-gooders in the nations to provide help.

Tucker deals with the virus, the lies of the communists, and the worldwide destruction they allowed to take place with a virus that was most likely leaked in their level4 laboratory in Wuhan. Mr. Carlson also exposes the perfidy of our media and our political leaders in the clip.

Our political leaders have sold out the U.S., which is why China is now in control of our most important medications. It is also why they are wealthy — we made them wealthy by moving our manufacturing to China.

In the first clip, we have two brief scenes in which you can watch the media take China’s side, spreading their fake propaganda:

The media can hate President Trump and his followers or not, but selling us out to China and taking their side is a whole different story. The media and the Democrats have moved so far left that there is little daylight between them and communist Chinese. If they had to choose between the right and communist China, who would they choose?

The timeline:

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