Big update on tanker driver ‘deliberately’ driving into protesters during “largely peaceful” protests


The AP is calling the riots/protests “largely peaceful.” They also inaccurately reported that a tanker truck driver deliberately sped onto a bridge blocked by hundreds of protesters. They are wrong on both counts.

“Protesters took to the streets across America again Sunday, with violence flaring in pockets of largely peaceful demonstrations fueled by the killings of black people at the hands of police. A truck driver — apparently deliberately — drove into demonstrators in Minneapolis nearly a week after George Floyd pleaded with an officer pressing a knee into his neck that he could not breathe,” the AP reported.

The Minnesota police said the driver was provoking protesters and was arrested, according to the AP. As it turns out, that was not true.

We have a big update on this. There is no evidence the driver, 35-year-old Bogdan Vechirko, was intentionally trying to hurt anyone according to the Minnesota Department of Safety.

He might have been going too fast but was already on the I-35 as police were closing the ramps.

He panicked when he saw all the people.

“We do have some info that he saw the crowd and initially he panicked and he just kept barreling forward.

“Then he saw a young woman on a bike fall down in front of him and he slammed on the brakes. And he slid until the vehicle stopped.”

Meanwhile, the loons dragged him out of his truck and beat him until some normal protesters intervened.

He said he feels incredibly lucky to be alive and to not have killed anyone.

It’s not known if he will be charged with anything.

He doesn’t look like he’s speeding in this clip to me. He was driving highway speed.



In the “largely peaceful” protests in Portland, a man who took a swing at a Black Lives Matter or Antifa protester, was chased, knocked over, and kicked in the head. At least one tooth was knocked out of his head. Listen to the horrifying kick to the man’s head.

One woman yelled, “You knocked his motherf*cking ass down,” adding the victim was a “faggot.’

She said, “Black Lives Matter, you faggot. You’re lucky we’re helping you. We’re helping you, alright? We’re showing up for you. Do Not Protest Against Black Lives. Guess what? We’re showing up for you even though you’re being terrible to people.”

She and two other black women wiped off the blood on his face while bystanders yelled, “You shouldn’t be running your mouth off like that!” and “Running your mouth get you f**ked up, man!”

The man was dazed and thanked his attackers for helping him.

Watch the incident, which came as part of the “largely peaceful” protests:

The largely peaceful demonstrators are showing up in New York, Huntington Beach, Yonkers, Minneapolis, and other cities.

Oh, and they are calling for a violent revolution. Twitter has not marked or censored the tweets in any way.

The leaders are communists and socialists. [This tweet has since been hidden by the user]

Many do come from out of the area. They are being bussed in and they are funded by someone(s).

This article was updated to include information about the tanker driver.

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Photographic Memory
Photographic Memory
3 years ago

The don’t call it junk news just for laughs.
Remember Reginald Denny?
I do.

3 years ago

Was there an apology from that DPS Commissioner for saying this was another Charlottesville. Hell no. There was one video from the angle of the back tires and a woman was trying to slash the tire. I wasn’t able to tell whether or not she accomplished it. She Was jabbing into the tire. There was a witness who said fuel was leaking, but there hasn’t been any other mention of it. The three local stations there were pretty disgusting in their reporting.

3 years ago

NOW, it’s been revealed it was an innocent mistake. The Governor said the driver wasn’t aware of what was going on, basically. He was pulled from the truck and beaten, but others rescued him.

Tiger Stripe Sky
Tiger Stripe Sky
3 years ago

Freight deliveries are essential in the time of corona. It could have been a food supply shipment truck headed to the people’s food distribution collective or grocery.
I’m surprised that it took this long for it to happen.
People have had it because Trump was voted in so that this type of unrest would stop.
We weren’t born to live under no private property collective socialism (communism) and people raised before a certain time period were taught not to follow sheep off of cliffs or jump off bridges with the group.

3 years ago

It was a tanker truck. There was finally another angle of it going down the highway. It’s a bit suspicious how he came up to the crowd. Before, the only angle was from the rear. Another video from the front shows several cars side by side a ways from the crowd. The driver goes to the side past them and on towards the crowd. The driver will have to explain why he drove around those stopped cars. I don’t know why they were in the middle of the road. They didn’t appear to be police.

3 years ago

So, they’ve set fire to St. John’s church in DC. Shannon Breams report sure seemed cavalier talking about the historical significance. I haven’t seen ONE DAMN reporter show the least little bit of outrage over all this destruction and carnage.