Big Win for President Trump on Emoluments, Capping off a Great Week!


A federal appeals court on Friday unanimously ruled that more than 200 Democratic congressional lawmakers do not have the standing to sue President Trump over allegations he violated the Emoluments Clause over foreign payments to his businesses, reports Fox News.

The House Democrats were hoping beyond hope that their Emoluments case would be the one. They had to know this would be the outcome, but they got a lot of mileage out of it propaganda-wise.

The Emoluments approach was Elizabeth Warren’s idea.

“Because we conclude that the Members lack standing, we reverse the district court and remand with instructions to dismiss their complaint,” the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in its ruling.

“The [House] Members can, and likely will, continue to use their weighty voices to make their case to the American people, their colleagues in the Congress and the President himself, all of whom are free to engage that argument as they see fit,” the court continued. “But we will not – indeed we cannot – participate in this debate.”

The court added, “the Constitution permits the Judiciary to speak only in the context of an Article III case or controversy and this lawsuit presents neither.”

This is a big win for Trump. The President had handed control of his business assets to his family, but not in a blind trust. There is no legal need to do so.

This follows the President’s acquittal with good economic news as well — 225,000 new jobs, and a 3.6% unemployment rate. He has signed the USMCA and has a deal with China. His approval numbers are skyrocketing and the EU is looking for trade deal.

Read the decision below:

Emoluments Decision by Meghashyam Mali on Scribd

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