Bikini-Clad Sadiq Khan Blimp to Fly Over London Soon


Contributor James Soviero

To protest the Trump baby blimp, a bikini-clad Sadiq Khan balloon will soon fly over London. More than three thousand donors raised £58,182 for the 29ft balloon. It was near twice the £34,923 donated for the Trump baby version last month.

The Sentinel donated $50.

The 20 foot Trump baby in a nappy, clutching a cellphone, flew over Parliament for two hours during President Trump’s visit.

Trump baby was actually organized by Antifa.

The crowdfunding for bikini Khan began after London Mayor Khan allowed the diaper-clad Trump baby to fly over London during his visit. People were angry that the 47-year old hack allowed it. People are also angry about his lack of competence and the increased violence in the once-safe city.

A fundraising page for the baby read: “In light of the Donald Trump ‘Baby Trump’ balloon being allowed to fly over London during his visit to the U.K., let’s get a ‘baby Khan’ one and see if FREE SPEECH applies to all and whether or not Mr. Khan and the London assembly will also approve this.

“Under Sadiq Khan, we have seen crime skyrocket to unprecedented levels. People in London don’t feel safe and they aren’t safe, 81 murders this year alone! Khan Out.

“Any surplus money raised will be used for a continuing campaign to remove Sadiq Khan from office and also for defending free speech which is constantly under attack.


Yanny Bruere, the 28-year-old marketing manager behind the effigy, said he had been angered by the Mayor’s focus on political point scoring instead of dealing with soaring crime.

He said: “I was just so irritated that Mr. Khan took it upon himself to speak on behalf of the UK over the President’s visit.”

“Whatever anyone thinks of Mr. Trump, he is still the leader of the free world and should be accorded the respect of that position, especially at such a critical time for the UK as we face separation from the EU.”

“It feels like the Mayor of London prioritizes personal enmity over the good of the country.”

The bikini mocks one of Khan’s decisions to ban advertisements on subways with girls in bikinis.

No other foreign leader was treated the way the President was in the UK. It was disrespectful and nasty. It was disrespectful to Americans.

Khan could refuse permission for the balloon to be flown, but after saying he approved Trump baby for freedom’s sake, he’d have problems saying no.

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