Don Lemon Stands Up for Antifa as They Beat People into Silence


Wow! Don Lemon gives his full-throated support to Antifa. Lemon speaks for CNN and Democrats in general when he gives his support. “No organization is perfect”, he says.

It’s obvious that Antifa is doing exactly what they all want on the violent Democrat left.

“It says it right in the name, Antifa, anti-fascism which is what they were there fighting,” Lemon said on his show. “Listen, there’s, no organization is perfect, there’s some violence. No one condones the violence but there were reasons for Antifa and these neo-Nazis to be there….” he says.

He isn’t the only Democrat to support the militant Communist-Anarchist group. Chris Cuomo recently came out in support.

The fact that Democrats are not condemning Antifa shows they are all on board.

Antifa hasn’t been shutting down racists and Nazis. There is no major threat from the Nazis or KKK.

Antifa is shutting down the free speech of everyone who disagrees with them, including, as they have said in interviews, classical liberals.

Last November, the NY Times published an article on what the fashionable Antifa wears. They have also written sympathetic articles about their ideology.


In case you haven’t noticed, Antifa is the Democrat Party’s army. Democrats approve of what these Communist-Anarchists are doing.

Democrats are also rewriting the history of Antifa right before our eyes. When Antifa grew violent in Charlottesville this year, there were no right-wing people there, but the press suggested there were anyway.

Antifa was fighting among themselves and attacking the police.

It forced people like Nancy Pelosi, who were planning to condemn the right-wing extremists, to complain about last year. In Charlottesville last year, extremists on the right, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter caused mayhem and a young woman was killed indirectly by a schizophrenic neo-Nazi who rammed the crowd with his care.

Police and the police chief were ultimately blamed in part for the violence getting out of hand. They stood down.


CNN’s Chris Cuomo Stands Up for Antifa for “Fighting Hate”

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