Bill Barr Says DOJ “Very Close” to Having Evidence to Indict Trump


Former Attorney General William Barr indicated that the Justice Department is “very close” to having the evidence to indict former President Donald Trump.

Barr is now making the rounds with his book and trash-talking Donald Trump, criticizing him for allegedly having classified documents.

“There are two questions: Will the government be able to make out a technical case, will they have evidence, by which, that they could indict somebody, including him?” Barr said on Fox News on Wednesday. “That’s the first question, and I think they’re getting very close to that point, frankly.”

“I think at the end of the day; there’s another question, do you indict a former president?” Barr said Wednesday. “What will that do to the country? What kind of precedent will that set? Will the people really understand that this is not failing to return a library book, that this was serious?”

The Justice Department doesn’t need to charge him. They keep leaking and saying whatever they can to make Republicans look bad before the November election.

Does anyone think Bill Barr is trying to swing the election?


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